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The Innovative Management Consultants (IMC), a global network of management specialists, is the new name for ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (EMC-INDIA) engaged, since 1988, primarily in international transfer of technology and in negotiating joint Business ventures.
IMC engages a team for multi-disciplinary experts with long and rich experience. We are constantly in touch with the latest developments in the field of Innovative Management and receive weekly/monthly knowledge updates regularly. The team is headed by Dr. B. Joshi, Chief Consultant.

Profile of Dr B. Joshi

Dr Joshi has Trans- disciplinary background with Masters Degrees in Mathematical Statistics, Economics and a doctoral degree in International Transfer of Technology, followed by advance training at Centre for Policy Alternatives, MIT, USA, and IDS Sussex, in Science and Technology Policy. In his over thirty years of consultancy experience, Dr. Joshi has had exposure to large governmental, private sector and UN/Allied organizations, such as, UNIDO, UNESCO, ILO, UNCTAD, US AID, DFID etc. where he has applied techniques and tools of Policy Analysis, Management Cybernetics, System Engineering, Future Analysis etc to business and Developmental issues.

His present focused interests are:
Training/Career Councelling in Innovative Management and problem solving through the use of Creative Thinking /Critical Thinking Techniques, & Holistic cybernetic thinking tools, and, in popularizing applications of Cybernetics to complex development issues facing nation and world at large.