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The demand for Innovative Management in all spheres of human activity is enormous. The managerial challenges of 21st century cannot be expected to be met by the conventional management methods since the very principles and practices of management have undergone a total transformation.

Organizations, in particular, human organizations are complex systems. The problems concerning them are equally complex in nature and cannot be meaningfully addressed by simplistic methods.

Today, creativity has been identified to be the key corporate resource.

Organizations should find more innovative ways of co-erecting new ideas across corporate, national and international boundaries as part of one innovation system.

Cybernetics is the science of complexity in systems. All self organizing human systems organize themselves through innovative blending of creative and critical thinking structures and skills that we term as Innovative Management Cybernetics(IMC). Our endeavor is not only to correctly identify and analyze complex problems but to select most viable solution from a set of solutions generated.
Innovative management cybernetics Provides the necessary thinking tool for understanding the systems complexity and suggest creative out of box solutions to the problems engulfing government and business organisation.
Innovative management cybernetics provides the necessary thinking tool for understanding the system's complexity and sugest creative out of box solutions to the problems engulfing government and business organization. IMC specialize in training and facilitation and provides world class training through its global links with leading experts, consultancy firms and training institutions engaged in practice and research on creativity and innovation management.

Our management training programs are on highly cost-effective terms and are adapted to suit Indian mind-set and work culture. The practical training and facilitation programs are, engaging, motivational, and affordable which improve management and employees performance substantially. A good many present day managerial problems arise out of a fixed mind- set of both the individuals as well as organizations that act as stumbling block in innovation efforts,and for which we rely upon Cognitive therapeutic methods and Psycho Cybernetic methods.
IMC spots organization problems by using three dimensional innovative matrixes, namely (1) different stages of innovation,(2) various creative and critical thinking tools,and(3). Stages of problem solving stages.